Office cleanliness is not just the responsibility of office cleaners and personnel. In fact, everybody should take part on keeping the workspace clean and spotless at all times. However, lack of leadership and implementation of policies can lead to unsanitary workspace.

If you are keen on keeping your working environment tidy, you need to impart these cleaning habits to your employees and ensure that they are keeping their end of the bargain when it comes to office cleanliness:

  • Flushing the toilet

Yes, you it read right. Flushing the toilet is one of the common problems with regards to office cleanliness. Although there are companies that can provide building cleaning in Dubai that include toilet sanitation, it is the employees who use the toilet on the daily basis. With that, they need to learn to keep it tidy. As simple as flushing the toilet after use can be a big help. This would prevent foul orders from lingering in the rest rooms and keep the cubicles clean.


While you are at it, include the proper disposal of tissue and sanitary napkins on the bin. Improper disposal can lead to toilet clogging.


  • Cleaning their workstations

Some companies are already implementing this policy. At the end of the day, employees are instructed to ensure that their desk and stations are clean and free from any garbage. Workstations are considered private space by some employees, but the condition of their cubicle can affect other employees. If one erring employees is not given warning about this, other may follow suit.


Be sure that this policy is implemented at all times and have someone to check if the employees are following this directive.


  • Throwing trash in trash bins

Another simple but often not being followed is throwing trash in trash cans. For some reasons, there are still some people who are not adept on following this rule. The way to instill this habit to employees is to do it yourself, not only in your office space but also on other places in the office. You need to be an example to your subordinates so they will follow.


If you see trash in any corner of workspace, take the initiative to throw it yourself. Be sure to remind others as well.


  • Decluttering the space

Clutter is one of the causes of accidents in the workspace. Office supplies lying around the floor can lead to office accidents and work disruptions. Teach your employees to be organized. Give them enough storage spaces for their personal and work items.

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