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Tips On Writing Documents For Translation

Some clients think that translation a very simple process. They would just hand in the document and let the translator do the work. But the success or failure of the translation is also dependent on the source document coming from the client.


If you want your document to be translated precisely, here are some tips that you can follow when writing the source document:


  1. Keep your sentences short

One of the pet peeves of translators are long sentences with unnecessary elements on it. Why? Because they are much harder to translate.  Short sentences are easy to comprehend. And if you have limited space for the translated text, it would be best to make your sentences short and sweet. So when you are writing an article for translation, check the length of your sentences. If you are not confident about shortening it, get an editor that would edit and check your work.


  1. Check your grammar

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the grammar. Remember that you are writing for translation, so you need to be precise even with the use of punctuation. A wrong punctuation in translation can change the meaning of the whole sentence. Be sure that your sentences are grammatically incorrect and use proper punctuations. If you are not that confident, get a professional editor to check your work and do a complete editing of your document before submitting it to translation companies in Dubai.


  1. Make the content clear for reading

Clarity pertains to the context of the document. Although grammar and the length of the sentence can affect the clarity of the document, it might also be due how the sentence is constructed. Vague sentences are hard to translate and sometimes, it can lead to wrong translation. If you are writing the article, it is hard to check if the context is clearly presented and relayed. The best thing to do is have someone read the article and ask them if the message is clear, or if there are any clarifications needed to be done to make the article more readable in terms of the content.


  1. Be consistent

Consistency is important in any article, especially for translation. Inconsistency can lead to confusing translations. If there are technical terms and expressions involved in the translation, use it consistently throughout the document. This is to prevent misuse of expressions in translated document.


  1. Keep the slang in check

Any translation company who offer french translation dubai, or any other language, strongly advise clients against using slang terms in the document. For one, it might be cause mistranslation and also there are slang terms that are not accepted in other languages.


  1. Provide a brief

It would be a big help for the translator a short background about the document subject for translation. It would give your translator an idea what the text is all about and get the context why it is being translated and who is the intended audience.